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So basically, Kurt Volker's line was "I pushed the Ukrainians to say they will investigate the Burisma, because I thought it would assure the POTUS that Ukraine was serious in their _anti-corrupt_ efforts."

From his point of view, he was only helping the UKR to counter an unfavorable view of POTUS with a stmt, so a) he did not know where the unfavorable view came from b) the only reason he thought why the stmt needed to mention Burisma/2016 was it'd impress the POTUS. 1/2

Really bad day to be busy - sounds like the testimony is _mildly_ interesting.



So no Medicare for all candidates can say one simple thing clear - employer-based insurance is annoying for everyone, and single payer gives government more power to negotiate. Is that really so hard to say or so risky to say?


My view on Greta Thunberg builds on one thing: are we doing enough about climate change? If not so, what exactly is the harm about climate gaining some attention via protests and symbolic movements?

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Many attacks about Greta Thunberg point to her "bringing no real solution". In fact, Sweden and nearby airlines recorded a reduction in travelers partially because of climate protests. Educating people about the climate IS part of the
The problem of climate is more than "We need a solution." Some solutions, like hybrid cars, existed for a long time. It's also about people and the government's unwillingness to act. 1/2









b) Obama administration forfeited public option to get support for the ACA, it got attacked, became a political liability and caused Dems two elections, and got repealed anyway.

c) Clinton had a relatively moderate platform. It's not like she won the presidency. d) And look like what happened to the moderates on the right like Kasich. So tell me, why should someone on the left trust this time would be different?

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So, I've been reading a lot of commentaries saying "Y'all Dems better not pursue Medicare for all or you'll lose the moderate votes". Look, Not that I am particularly fond of medicare for all, but the logic from the supporters is not that hard to understand:
a) There are countries that have universal healthcare and it seems working. 1/


* 罗斯福上台至尼克松赢得第一任选举期间(32-68),民主党赢得了9场总统选举中的七场。
* 这期间南部各州是民主党的铁票仓。
* 然而这并不是一个“白左”的时代。这个时期两党都有社会政策意义上的保守翼和自由翼。国会基本上由保守翼控制:南部各州农村支持种族隔离的民主党人和北方的共和党人组成的联盟从38年到64年控制着国会。
* 这个时期的共和党是少数族裔权益和黑人平权运动的支持者,而民主党参议员们反而坚决反对1964年的平权法案。
* 大逆转发生在1968年,这一年尼克松赢得了南方几个民主党铁票仓的选票,从此以后南部各州慢慢成为共和党的铁票仓。而共和党也开始慢慢丢掉少数族裔的选票。
* 尼克松的主要政纲包括 - 坚持州权必须要得到保障,反对福利国家,抑制边境犯罪,反对强行整合黑白学区。听起来很耳熟?那就对了。


So a Leetcode problem does not provide any input range and accept an overflowed integer as the correct answer, that means it's totally ok to have that bug in practice right?

The compressed CUDA package on Arch reached 2.1 GiB, probably half the size of all the rest installed packages on my EC2 instance putting together - Meanwhile, the gcc package is less than 50 MiB. The last time I see such a bloated dev package is bazel, btw.

Trying to do some Leetcode, a few complaints: 1. So many meaningless variant names? u,v,s,g... . 2. Quite a few poor interfaces, for an array of 2-d points, quite a few questions use vector<vector<int>>... 3. raw new/delete flying in the code.

I can kinda understand why ACM/ICPC is this style because the focus is speed... But for an interview prep site primarily targeting software engineers - Really?

Keep hearing, "New mac sucks, but I don't have other choices because Windows is just awful."

a) Windows is actually a working system with loads of software and quite a good development environment for almost everything.

b) Today's Linux offers everything Mac can provide in terms of a development environment, arguably better, esp. regarding package management and backend development.

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